Author: McKenzie Wilson

Fashion has always been a part of a teen’s life. Whether they like it or not, fashion is now becoming an integral part of their lives. And now that summer vacation is over, teens are getting ready for the new school semester and the need to buy back-to-school clothing. More than that, t-shirts are never obsolete when you talk about trendy clothes. That is why today, we will feature some new graphic designed tees which you can use as your inspiration in designing your shirts by using.

In this world of today, the need for self-expression is now more paramount. People want to show their uniqueness in different ways, and now you can attest that this is true as graphic designed tees are now in trend. You might notice this trend with most graphic t-shirts; it features unique character designs displaying unique personality traits, anime & Comic Graphic Tees, or simply abstract art combined with text written with simple font styles usually found on old documents such as contracts some early works of literature. The font styles are very old but are now getting the attention it deserves as part of the t-shirt design.

This article provides you with some excellent graphics on t-shirts that will make your kids feel special and show off their individuality. So if you have a teenage kid, I bet they would be thrilled to see what we have here.

1 . Turn up the Volume Tee

This trendy top has got an eyecatching design. The drawing is silkscreen printed onto the garment, giving it plenty of depth and detail. It illustrates a speaker, which looks like it has been ripped out of the wearer’s head. The Tee comes in many different colors, and because it’s made from cotton, it’s very comfortable to wear.

2 . Skull Bomber Tee

This relaxed top will appeal to all rock n roll fans. Its design was inspired by classic bomber jackets and featured a large skull print on its chest. It can be worn during classes or everyday streetwear because it goes well with just about anything you want! This stylish garment is available in 8 different colors and doesn’t cost much.

3 . Electric Guitar Tee

This Tee is a musthave for all music lovers and aspiring rock stars! It has an eye-catching and detailed design of an electric guitar, and the whole garment looks like it’s been spray painted. It comes in many different colors so that you can choose your favorite shade to express yourself! The Tee is made from 100% cotton, which makes it very soft and comfy to wear.

4 . iPhone Tee

This trendy top is silkscreen printed with a large drawing of an iPhone 5S smartphone. It has a straightforward and stylish design, which would look great with any jeans or skirt. You can purchase this cool Tee in 6 different colors, and it costs reasonably.

5 . Aztec Tee

Traditional Aztec patterns and drawings inspire this unique top. It has got a beautiful multicolor design, which I think looks just stunning! Because the print covers almost the whole garment, you can easily style it with anything you like, whether for school or streetwear. This great Tee comes in many different colors, and it’s made from 100% cotton so that you can enjoy its comfort day long!

6 . Guitar Tee

This cute top has got a very stylish design, which will appeal to all music lovers. It is silkscreen printed with a guitar print and created from 100% cotton to be worn for school or day-by-day streetwear. It is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose your favorite shade.

Wrapping Up!

So what do you think about these trendy graphicdesigned tees? I hope that they have inspired you and if you want to get yourself one of them.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and if I were in your place, I would be thrilled to get any of these trendy graphic-designed tees. They are indeed very stylish, comfortable, trendy, and fun! So don’t waste time anymore; get yourself one too! And do visit our site for more fashion tips.

Author: McKenzie Wilson