Summer is slowly coming to an end, but music festivals are still going on all over the world. Throughout the festival season we have seen old trends – the glitter on the arm, the leather fanny packs or the fishnet tights. But with it being a whole new year, new trends start popping up. Here it is – my take on the trends in the 2019 music festival season, why they came about, and what items can go with the trend.

Neon appeared to be making a big statement during fashion week this year, and you could see it at every music festival. Neon pink pants, neon yellow shirts and neon green sunglasses have been a must-have this summer. Baggy black biker pants, a neon pink top, and funky shoes are all you need to look and feel like a million bucks.

Tie dyes have always been there. Whether you are going to a summer camp, to the beach, or to the music festival tie dye t-shirts are your first choice. What’s on your summer bucket list? Tie dying shirts! What’s a great team bonding or something to do as a team? TIE DYE! It has been around, and we want to wear it on anything – dresses, skirts, shirts, even socks. Something “tie-dye” to wear to a music festival – a cute maxi tie dye dress with white snickers and shell necklace to tie the look. And, here you are – ready for another unforgettable adventure.

Mesh is a perfect choice of material for music festivals. It’s easy to breath in, not too heavy on the chest, and you can pair it with almost anything. This trend came out of nowhere and has stuck throughout the whole season. Get a black mesh top with a cute but plain or colorful bra underneath and some black shorts. This is all you need to make a fashion statement. It is so easy, isn’t it?

Glitter will always be there as a trend even years from now because it is very “user friendly”. It is not just an accessory. It became a part of your wardrobe (literally). You can get a glitter makeup, put on a glitter top or wear a glitter embellished shoes. There is just so much you can do with it. Wear a glitter crop top that “blinks” as you walk and fishnets for under your black shorts. Hairspray your arm and pour the glitter to finish the look. And, it looks perfect in every picture. Who wouldn’t go for it? Anyone?

These are not the only trends out there in the 2019 music festival season. What you wear going out is all about feeling great about yourself. Being confident that you “killed” the look is worth everything. And don’t forget – you want to make sure those pictures turn out great for the insta. Your family and friends may see them!!!! Hope this helped while you are shopping around for the perfect outfit.