Accessories, accessories, accessories…. What girl doesn’t have an expensive statement bag she wants everyone to see her wearing it?  A dream YSL necklace she just loves, a drawer full of sunglasses because eyewear is her thing? Anyone? Anyone? I bet not!

It ‘s no wonder every fashionista wants to add a personal style to her look to stand out from the pack.

And she know that accessories will do it. Accessories will make any outfit and are the one category guaranteed to bring full on ‘must-have’ lust. A fashionista knows that fashion isn’t just about looking perfect. It can be an expression of who she is and how she wants to represent herself in the world. And , this is where accessories are such an important part of her style.

Here at Modaville, we are obsessed with accessories. Our selection of scarves will  tempt any woman to go crazy for this Escada vintage scarf to complete her dream look. whether you prefer a silk scarf, bold prints, oversized wrap  or cashmere wrap, you will find it here.

it’s also one of the easiest categories to buy online as you never need worry that a bag or a scarf won’t fit or suit your shape.

Valentino: Valentino, the company that I always knew for the handbags when growing up. Speaking of handbags, a stunning lavender handbag perfect for going out with cost a whopping $ 2,445. Now for a handbag it’s not too bad since we just went from an $11,000 bracelet. Now if you don’t want to spend the $2,000 because there are many other things to pay off there is a purse that looks very similar to the Valentino one. The company is called Miss Pap, the color of the bag is pink instead of lavender but has the same design and the price for this one, $11.
Chloe: Chloe known for their boho chic looks, stunning things from shoes to handbags. Today we will be looking at their black studded boots that go for $1, 380. If you go to your nearest DSW you will be able to find similar boots but with silver instead of gold detailing for only $50.

Cartier: we all have seen the cartier gold bracelet, super simple and stunning with any day to day outfit. But that is such an expensive piece of jewelry that cost a grand total of $11,210. Now none of us can afford that unless we save up for this one thing for awhile, or you get it for a special I mean very special occasion. So here’s how you find the steal for it, the company is saks off 5th ( this company is at nordstrom rack), does anyone want to take a wild guess how much it is? $25, just $25. Of course there are differences in the pieces of jewelry but they look almost the same. Great steal in my option.

Gucci: Last but not least Gucci, a brand that will never fade away. Known for the belts, handbags, and even luggage sets. Today we are looking at a Gucci handbag that has a horseshoe detail and a nude color. This handbag goes for $1, 700, which for me seems pretty low pricing for Gucci but I could be wrong. If you are Amazon addicted as I am their clothing and accessories are really good and free shipping with Prime members, you will find a very similar bag like the Gucci one on there. The only big difference is the size, the Amazon one is a bit bigger and only costs $140.