Spring is almost here, which means, YES, you guessed, a semi-annual inventory of my closet. I will go through my stuff and decide what can stay and what must go. I will make a list of most-wanted must-have items. All new additions to my closet must be effortless, sophisticated, wear well with everything that I decide to keep and fit within my budget constrains. I know exctly what will make this list.

Bermuda shorts: Every store I walked into already has its spring collection out and has a huge selection of Bermuda-style shorts. Even hough recent trends steer away from longer Bermuda-style pants, and more towards short shorts, one look at these Express shorts and I knew I must have them for spring. I see myself pairing them with bodysuits, wedges, lots of chains and wide belts. They make my legs look longer and leaner, and I just love this look.

Floral skirt: Floral? Yes, floral. Tulips, daisys and lillies are the prints that I love. Waking up, they make me want to start a new day. Add a morning coffee to it, and, girl, I am ready!!!!!

Ripped mom jeans: I wasn’t a fan of mom jeans till I had to get a pair for our winter showcase in my school. This is when I fell in love with the look. Tight at the top and flowy on the bottom. Being ripped or pairing them with vans – WHAT A LOOK. They are on my wishlist for sure.

Long white cotton dress: Ok, I know what you are thinking. Jessica it’s WHITE. I know, I know, but these simple white flowy dresses are it this spring. I see myself wearing such a dress with any platform sandals and a black jean jacket when it is 70 degrees outside. This would do the trick!

One important consideration before you make your wishlist. Make sure everything on it is timeless and made to last. Have a great time putting it together.