Y’all hear me out. New York is such a beautiful city. When people say it never sleeps, IT NEVER SLEEPS. The last week of August I moved all of my stuff from the Midwest to continue my education in musical theatre here in the big apple. Since I moved I have seen the style everyone has here and it’s all so different and beautiful. Today I’m gonna just list a few clothing items to look like the typical New Yorker.
Accessories that can make great statement pieces. They are hard to find to go with your style, but even a big hand bag that is blinged out could be your statement piece. Anything that is big, bold, crazy colored, etc. is considered a statement piece. Just keep an eye for it and you will know when to pair it with your outfit to a night-out or a get-together with friends during this beautiful season.

Sexy skirt with casual shirt:
Now, many of you may be wondering what’s considered a sexy skirt? That is all up to you. If you consider a slit in the skirt to be sexy, there you go. If it’s a skirt that’s above the knees, ding ding. Pairing the skirt with the casual shirt or baggy sweater can be a cute look for the fall season. If you want to spice it up more, add the statement piece into this to create a PERFECT LOOK.

Off the shoulder top:
After only living in New York for a short time, I found out this is a fashion item I definitely need in my closet. Every women on the streets of New York (which I walk around frequently) wears an off the shoulder top. You could get a patterned, no strap, top and pair it with black ripped jeans and booties and it would make a great fall outfit for a day out. You could wear an off-the-shoulder top with ribbons that you tie up, top with tied-up sleeves or something to spice it up a bit.

Two piece set that’s a fun pattern:
This is more of a summer trend, not gonna lie, but if you do find a two piece set for fall or winter consider yourself lucky. A fall skirt and tank top, if you pair it with heels and maybe a jean jacket or something that goes with the pattern of the set, can be a perfect outfit for an audition or a dinner date.

Baggy dress pants with a pair of heels:
I recently hopped on the trend train with this. I was heading to an audition/master class with my school at Telsey and this outfit was not too dressy but not too lazy looking. A pair of black dress baggy pants, a flowy white top and red heels 💋, a perfect outfit for anything. Right?

I am new to New York, but I found myself in on the first day. Observing New Yorkers and their styles gave me ideas on how to “reshape” my closet. And, believe me, I get new ideas every single day. I feel comfortable here, and I just wanted to share my “New York” discovery about the importance of statement pieces in your wardrobe. Knowing that I look great makes my days. Hope this helps while you are shopping around for your new looks.