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Looking to sell? Time to clean out? Wait no more.


Re-claim your closet by selling clothes you don’t wear anymore to our community of fashion lovers. Your pre-loved clothes have more to give. We want to show you just how great second-hand can be.

Sell with us quickly and easily for free.


It takes just minutes to list your item. We’ll guide you from start to sell. Here is how to sell in four easy steps.

Item Information 
Put as much details about your item as you can to increase the chances of a quick sale. You can always update your item info or price at anytime. (view our designer list)

Item Picture
Take a few photos of your item, and upload them into your listing. Follow our recommendations on how to take good pictures of your item.

Just Sold 
Your item was sold and just delivered to a new fashion lover.

Get Paid 
Once your earnings become available, we will, at your request, transfer funds to your Paypal, send you a check or give you a store credit.