Shopping on a Budget

Who doesn’t love to shop? Anyone? EVERY WOMAN wants to feel and look great. EVERY WOMAN wants to be stylish without dropping a ton of cash. Buying smart takes some shopping strategies and skills. Being a budget fashionista does not mean buying the cheapest stuff on the rack.

I remember windowshopping times admiring expensive designer items and wished I could afford them. As a college student, attending school six out of the seven days of the week and taking as many extra classes as possible, I know what living on a shoestring budget is. So, this is where my “budget fashionista” strategy comes in. A true budget fashionista focuses on the utility of the item rather than just the price. Spending $20 on something that you never wear is a total waste od $20. Before you buy anything, ask yourself how often will you wear it, can you wear it with something you alraedy have at home, can it work in multiple situations and will it still be fashionable next season?

Just a thought before I go. Or, maybe two thoughts. Before you do any shopping, take inventory of what’s already in your closet. You may find something that you bought long time ago and completely forgot about, and it would go perfect with this yellow dress you just bought.

And, remember that some items have a short closet lifespan. Here today, gone tomorrow. Therefore a true budget fashionista should follow a 70/30 rule. It is the 70% best FOREVER timeless classic pieces that will last for years and the 30% trendy pieces that may be cheap but may not be in style the next season, so do not invest too much into them.

Sounds like you? Super. Have fun next time you go bargain hunting or you shop online on Modaville and remember- bargain fashionista is all about being a smart shopper.