by: Laura Watson

When you think about it, choosing your wedding formal wear is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make. This is the outfit you’re going to wear on your wedding day and for photos that will last a lifetime. It needs to be perfect — maybe even more so than your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, because after all, this isn’t something that you need again in future. Your wedding formal wear plays a huge role in creating a memorable visual of your special day. After all, when people look at pictures from your wedding, what do they see first?

Exactly: your wedding outfit! Regardless of whether you are a man or woman getting married, picking the right outfit is crucial. In today’s blog post we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know when choosing the perfect wedding formal wear – read on!

Get to know your body type

Any bride-to-be knows that wedding planning is all about the details — and one of the most important is your body type! Our body type is completely unique to us and can sometimes be hard to decipher. It’s important to understand how your body type will affect the way you look in certain formal wear, because this will also dictate which styles look best for you. Here are the most common body types:

– Apple Shape: If you’re an apple shape, your body is wider at the top and smaller at the bottom. This could mean you have larger breasts and a smaller waist. To make your body appear slimmer, try wearing a longer hemline, and a belt or corset at the waist to create a smaller appearance.

– Pear Shape: If you’re a pear shape, your body type is larger at the bottom and smaller toward the top. Most often, pear shapes have smaller breasts. To create a balance, try wearing shorter hemlines, and choosing fabrics like chiffon or tulle that have a good amount of volume.

– Inverted Triangle Shape: If you’re an inverted triangle shape, you have broader shoulders and a smaller waist. If you are an inverted triangle shape, you may have a smaller bustline and wider hips. To create more of a balance between top and bottom, try wearing a longer hemline and trying bolder, more vibrant hues.

What is the occasion?

There are many different types of formal wear, and the occasion will determine which type of outfit you choose. It’s important to keep the occasion of your wedding in mind when deciding what outfit is best for you like for bridal mehndi dresses or reception. Here are some of the most popular types of formal wear:

– Bridal Gown: Bridal gowns come in many different styles and silhouettes. From ball gowns to mermaid, there is a style for every bride — no matter what their body type. If your wedding is a black tie affair, you can wear a ball gown; however, if you are planning a wedding during the day, you should opt for a more casual style.

– Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridesmaid dresses come in all different styles, colours and lengths. Bridesmaid dresses are typically shorter than a bride’s gown, so you can look taller in comparison. You can find bridesmaid dresses in many different fabrics, including chiffon, tulle, satin, and velvet.

– Men’s Tuxedo: Wearing a tuxedo is a classic wedding look. Traditionally, a tuxedo is a black suit with black tie. You can, however, wear whatever colour you like.

– Evening Dress: An evening dress is a more formal style of dress than a cocktail dress. It is often longer and more fitted through the body. Evening dresses often feature bolder colours and fabrics, such as chiffon, velvet, and silk.

Which should you pick?

This may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s important to keep your venue’s colour scheme in mind when choosing your colour palette. Try to pick a colour that compliments your skin tone and your wedding location. If you and your partner are having a daytime wedding, you can typically get away with wearing brighter colours. If you are having an evening event, however, stick to darker tones.

– White:  White is arguably the most classic colour for weddings. It’s often seen in bridal gowns and men’s tuxedos — and it pairs well with any colour palette! If you want to stay classic, but still show off your personality, a white outfit may be the way to go.

– Gold/Yellow: Gold looks amazing at night and is sometimes used in Asian weddings. It can also be paired with other colours, such as red or blue. – Blue: Blue is often associated with cleanliness, trustworthiness, and calmness. It can be paired with many different colours and can be a great option for a daytime event.

– Red: Red has many different meanings, but it is often considered bold, passionate, and fiery. It is a great colour for an evening wedding, but can also be used during the day if you pair it correctly.

– Black/Grey: Black and grey are classic, neutral colours that go with everything. If you want to incorporate neutrals into your colour palette, but don’t know where to start, black and grey are a great option.

– Brown: Brown is a great colour for fall weddings or for a rustic wedding. It can be paired with red, orange, or green and looks great against those colors.

Wedding shoe choice.

Shoes are a crucial part of any wedding outfit. They are what you walk down the aisle in, so it’s important to choose a pair that is both comfortable and matches your formal wear. The colour of your shoes will often depend on the colour palette of your wedding outfit. If you’re wearing a white dress, your shoes don’t have to match — they just have to be clean and not have a strong colour. If you’re wearing a darker dress, your shoes should either be black or a shade that compliments the colour in your outfit.

– Strappy Heels: Strappy heels are a great choice for many different formal events. They come in a variety of colours and can be paired with both short and long hemlines. If you’re wearing a long dress, make sure you find a pair of strappy heels with a heel that is not too high — you don’t want to be towering over your partner!

– Stilettos: Stilettos are a great choice if you’re wearing a short dress, but only if you can walk in them comfortably. Stilettos are a great choice for any colour palette. – Pumps: Pumps are another classic choice for a formal wedding. Pumps come in many different styles and colours, so you can choose a pair that compliments your outfit.

– Flats: If you’re wearing a long dress and heels are not an option, you can always wear flats. It’s best, however, to wear a heel that is not too high, as you don’t want to be walking around in a pair of flip flops.

Which fabric is best for you?

Choosing your wedding formal wear fabric is an important decision. There are so many fabrics to choose from, and each has its own special properties and characteristics. When picking your fabric, think about your body type and which fabrics will compliment your skin tone and complexion best. Here are some of the most popular fabrics:

– Silk: Silk is a smooth and soft fabric that is great for evening wear. It comes in many different colours, from pastels to neutrals and bold colours. If you want to go for a more neutral look, try darker tones, like black or navy blue. If you want to go bold, opt for vibrant colours, like red or orange.

– Satin: Satin is a luxurious fabric that looks amazing in wedding outfits. It comes in many different colours, but it’s best suited to darker tones, so it doesn’t look too bright and bold.

– Chiffon: Chiffon is a soft and flowing fabric that looks great in many different styles of wedding outfits. Chiffon can be bright and colourful or muted and neutral, depending on the color you choose.

Author: Laura Watson


Designer Men Clothing – Tips To Buy At Affordable Prices
by: Emily John

When it comes to men’s clothing, versatility is key. Whether you’re looking for the perfect suit for a special event or just need something casual to wear on the weekend, there are so many different options available. However, this also makes it difficult to know where you can find affordable brands of designer men’s clothing that fits your needs and style. There are several factors that affect the price of a piece of clothing. If you’re interested in shopping for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing, keep reading to learn more about how cost is determined by fabric, cut, craftsmanship, and more. Keeping these things in mind when browsing will help you save money wherever possible.

Understanding the Determinants of Price

There are several factors that affect the price of a piece of clothing. If you’re interested in shopping for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing, keep reading to learn more about how cost is determined by fabric, cut, craftsmanship, and more. Keeping these things in mind when browsing will help you save money wherever possible. Fabric and Construction – The main factor when it comes to the price of clothing is the fabric. The quality of the fabric, the weight and weave of the fabric all impact how expensive the piece will be. Additionally, the construction of the garment will have a large effect on the price. Designer vs. Non-Designer Brands – Often people have the assumption that designer clothing is always more expensive than non-designer clothing. While this is true to an extent, you can find affordable designer brands of men’s clothing. If you’re interested in shopping for designer brands, it’s best to look out for sales and deals. Designer brands often have sales, so keep an eye out for these. Style – Certain styles of clothing, such as suit separates and outerwear, will always be more expensive than others. Suits, for example, are usually much pricier than casual button-up shirts. Just remember that you don’t need to invest in a brand new suit if you don’t want to. Suits are often available in seconds, which are items that have been in stock for longer than six months. They’ll often be significantly cheaper than new items.

How to Shop for Affordable Brands of Designer Men’s Clothing

There are a few ways you can shop for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing. You can hunt for discounted items, shop during sales and promotions, and look for coupons and discounts. If you’re having trouble finding something you like at a price you can afford, remember that it’s okay to look outside of your typical style. There are so many different styles of clothing available that you don’t have to settle for something you don’t like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and styles. You should also consider the longevity of a piece of clothing. In some cases, it’s better to pay a little more upfront for something that will last than to buy something cheaper that breaks quickly. It’s always a good idea to look at reviews before purchasing anything online. Reading reviews from other customers will help you know what to expect from the piece.

Brick and Mortar Stores

Brick and mortar stores are still an excellent place to shop for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing. Many brick and mortar stores have sales and discounts throughout the year, so you can often find great items at a discounted price. You can also earn rewards points at many department stores that can be redeemed for discounts and deals. There are also clothing resale shops popping up in many major cities. These shops allow you to resell your gently used clothing in exchange for store credit. This can be a good way to save money and get rid of items you don’t use.

Online stores

Online stores are a great place to shop for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing. Many online stores often have sales and discounts throughout the year, whether you want good quality polo collar shirts or denim, you can often find great items at a discounted price. You can also earn rewards points at many ecommerce stores that can be redeemed for discounts and deals. Another great thing about shopping online is that you can easily search for specific brands, designers, and fabrics. This allows you to find exactly what you want and know the price upfront. If you’re worried about sizing or fit, many online stores offer free returns. This is especially beneficial when shopping online because you can’t try on the clothing in person. Always read the store’s return policy to know exactly what items qualify for free returns.

Designer Resale Markets

One of the best ways to shop for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing is to visit a designer resale market. Designer resale markets often feature a wide variety of items, including clothing, accessories, and more. You can often find designer items at a discounted price, as they are often seconds or irregular items. You can visit online designer resale market websites or find a local reseller in your area. Designer resale markets are also a great place to find gently used items. You can find anything from bags and shoes to clothing and other accessories. There are usually specific sections for clothing, so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. designer resale markets are a great place to score designer items at a low price. Plus, you might find something that nobody else has.


There are so many different ways to shop for affordable brands of designer men’s clothing. You can hunt for discounted items, shop during sales and promotions, and look for coupons and discounts. If you’re having trouble finding something you like at a price you can afford, remember that it’s okay to look outside of your typical style. There are so many different styles of clothing available that you don’t have to settle for something you don’t like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and styles. You should also consider the longevity of a piece of clothing. In some cases, it’s better to pay a little more upfront for something that will last than to buy something cheaper that breaks quickly. It’s always a good idea to look at reviews before purchasing anything online. Reading reviews from other customers will help you know what to expect from the piece.

Author: Emily John

How to Wear Jewelry? Things You Have Been Doing Wrong
by McKenzie Wilson

Many people mistakenly think that there is only one way to wear jewellery. However, there are many different ways to wear jewellery, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are eight different ways to wear jewellery, along with some tips on how to choose the right style for you:

1. Wearing Jewelry as an Accessory

One of the most popular ways to wear jewellery is as an accessory. This can be done by wearing a piece of jewellery that compliments your outfit or by wearing a piece of jewellery that makes a statement. If you will wear jewellery as an accessory, it is important to choose pieces that are not too heavy or bulky, as they can weigh down your outfit.

2. Wearing Jewelry as a Statement Piece

Another popular way to wear jewellery is as a statement piece. It is a great way to make a bold fashion statement or add some personality to your outfit. However, it is important to choose not too small or delicate pieces, as they may get lost in your clothing.

3. Wearing Jewelry as an Heirloom

If you have inherited jewellery from a family member, you may want to consider wearing it as an heirloom. It can be a great way to keep the memory of your loved one alive and show off your family’s history. However, it is important to choose pieces that are not too old or delicate, as they may not withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

4. Wearing Jewelry as a Gift

If you are looking for a special gift for someone, you may consider giving them jewellery such as women’s jewelry rings. It is a great way to show your thoughtfulness and appreciate the recipient. However, it is important to choose pieces that are not too expensive, as the recipient may not be able to afford them.

5. Wearing Jewelry as a Costume

If you are attending a costume party, you may want to consider wearing jewellery as part of your costume. It can be a great way to add some personality to your outfit and make a statement. However, it is important to choose pieces that are not too heavy or bulky, as they can weigh down your costume.

6. Wearing Jewelry as a Fashion Statement

If you want to make a fashion statement, you may want to consider wearing jewellery. It is a great way to add some personality to your outfit and make a statement. However, it is important to choose not too small or delicate pieces, as they may get lost in your clothing.

7. Wearing Jewelry as an Investment

If you are looking for an investment piece, you may consider buying jewellery. It is a great way to add value to your collection and make a wise investment. However, it is important to choose pieces that are not too old or delicate, as they may not withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

8. Wearing Jewelry as a Souvenir

If you are travelling to a new place, you may consider buying jewelry as a souvenir. It is a great way to remember your trip and show off your new jewellery to your friends and family. However, it is important to choose pieces that are not too small or delicate, as they may get lost in your luggage.

Wrapping Up!

When choosing jewellery, it is important to consider the style of the piece, the weight of the piece, the materials used in the piece, and the price of the piece. These factors will all play a role in how often you will wear the piece and how long it will last. In addition, it is important to consider the occasion for which you will be wearing the piece. For example, if you are attending a formal event, you may want to choose a more delicate piece of jewellery than just going out for the night.

Finally, it is important to remember that not all jewellery is created equal. There are many different materials used in making jewellery, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. It is important to do your research and choose the type of jewellerythat best suits your needs.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing jewellery, and you will be sure to find the perfect piece for any occasion. With a little bit of thought and effort, you can find the perfect piece of jewellery to add to your collection.

Author: McKenzie Wilson

How to Style Leather Leggings?
by McKenzie Wilson

When you step out of your comfort zone and try leather leggings, its a sure bet that they will look great. They can be very flattering to the curves while also feeling comfortable enough for everyday wear! For many women who don’t usually opt for this type/style combo (heels included), putting on these types of pants may feel like an impossible task. Still, as long we know how much effort makes each piece unique – nothing says fashionforward better than admitting defeat in style frontiers.

Leather leggings are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They can be paired with anything from dresses and skirts down to boots or sneakers and even diamond pendant for an on-trend look that is chic and casual! For those looking how to take their style more seriously, there are always lace applications that will help you maintain sophistication while still maintaining comfortability during wear without sacrificing too much quality in terms of material feel against skin touch – not to mention having fun experimenting until find yourself falling head over heels again thanks to these gorgeously elegant garments.

If you’re looking for a way to add a little edge to your wardrobe, you should consider investing in a pair of leather leggings. They are super stylish, but they’re also surprisingly versatile – and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

So, if you’re wondering how to style leather leggings, look no further! Here are seven great ways to wear them.

1. With an oversized sweater and ankle boots:

It is the perfect outfit for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends. It’s comfortable and casual, but the leather leggings add just enough of a statement to make it interesting. Knee-length boots are an essential part of any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. The right style can make you feel confident and powerful, while the wrong choice may result in discomfort or pain! Picking out something that will be comfortable yet stylish takes careful consideration. There is nothing worse than zipping up your beautiful stiletto heels only to find they don’t fit correctly around one area ( usually near the ankle). I recommend choosing over knees for those who would rather save their shoe space by pairing it with leather leggings.

2. Belted top with leather leggings

You can wear your belted top with some leather leggings for a casual look, but this combination is also perfect if you’re going out. You’ll want to go low-waist paired up nicely in longer leg styles or high waist ones that will give off the illusion of taller stature without having too much extra material around one’s waistline are – both options work well together! Add another layer by throwing on favourite heels (or boots!) atop everything else before heading off

3. With a fitted t-shirt and sneakers:

It is a great casual outfit for running errands or just hanging out. The leather leggings add just enough edge to the look, but it’s still comfortable and easy to wear.

4. With a silk tank top and heel:

It is a great way to style leather leggings for a more dressed-up occasion. The key is to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple so that the leggings stand out.

5. Match them with a leather jacket

Are you looking to break out of your comfort zone? Try leather leggings and a matching jacket for an edgy look to boost confidence. Leather jackets are perfect additions to any wardrobe because they’re timeless classics, so slip one on over the tee or layer underneath anything else you want to be protected!

6. With a button-down shirt and sneakers:

It is a great casual outfit for running errands or just hanging out. The key is to keep the shirt untucked so that it doesn’t look too formal.

7. With a tank top and shorts:

It is a great way to show off your figure while still looking stylish. The key is to keep the shorts fairly simple so that the leggings stand out.

So there you have it – 7 great ways to style leather leggings! Whether you’re dressing them up or down, they’re sure to add a little edge to any outfit.

Author: McKenzie Wilson

Steps You Can Take to Begin Living Your Best Life by Ethel Lair

When it comes to affordable fashion, Modaville offers thousands of fabulous styles and brand names you know and love, and we strive to make your shopping experience easy and exciting. Contact us today for details! [email protected]

There’s no time like the present to make meaningful changes in your life, and simple steps that can help you look and feel your best are a great place to start. First, lean into your personal style and, as the old adage goes, dress for success. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to express yourself and make you feel confident.

Modaville explains that by prioritizing actions that improve your overall wellbeing, you’ll be well on your way to looking good, feeling healthy, and living a full and meaningful life.

Get Enough Sleep Every Day

It may seem ironic, but to live your best life, you need to prioritize the time you spend sleeping. The CDC recommends that adults aim for at least seven hours of slumber per night. Getting this much rest helps you maintain a clear complexion and control your weight. Moreover, it improves your cardiovascular health, boosts your immunity, and helps with your memory and mood.

Think About What You Consume

The fuel you consume impacts your health and physical appearance. Avoid processed foods full of salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats, and instead eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates.

It’s also important to stay hydrated. Health experts generally recommend about two liters of water per day, but if it’s hot outside or you are very active, aim for a bit more. Also, avoid sugar-laden drinks and limit your alcohol consumption to help you look and feel your best.

Become More Physically Active notes that elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat around five times per week can ensure that you look and feel your best. Because exercise releases feel-good chemicals, including endorphins, adrenaline, and dopamine, you’ll find yourself feeling happier and more relaxed after a good workout. In the long-term, you’ll enjoy numerous health benefits, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, more stable blood sugar levels, and better weight control.

Set and Pursue Goals

Looking for ways to develop and grow can make your life more fulfilling. For example, if you’ve always wanted to earn a master’s degree, an online program can help you achieve that dream. More specifically, you could set a goal and deadline for earning an MBA. You not only boost your career credentials by getting this degree, but you also learn leadership and assessment skills, become more self-aware, and gain valuable information about the business world, strategic planning, and the mechanics of managing a company.

Give Yourself Permission To Relax

While working diligently and bettering yourself are admirable activities, research shows that allowing yourself to rest and refuel can help you perform at a higher level when it’s time to get back to work. To ensure that you don’t work too long before taking a break, use a reminder app to send you alerts throughout the workday.

For some people, relaxation does not come easily. If you have a hard time resting your mind and body, meditation may help. Meditating trains you to slow down, control your breath, and focus your thoughts on the present. It doesn’t require much time, and if you aren’t sure how to begin, a free meditation app can help you get started.

It’s much easier to get into your meditation zone when your home is free of distractions and stressors. You know if your living space invites bad vibes when others that live with you are excessively complaining or playing the blame game. Be intentional about replacing a negative environment with a positive one by taking simple steps like decluttering, organizing, cleaning, and even incorporating a few houseplants in every room.

Don’t Neglect Preventative Care

Getting preventative care can help you discover health problems before it’s too late to do something. In addition to reducing your risk levels for disease and disability, being proactive about your health can actually prolong your life expectancy.

The steps to a better life are more straightforward than you may realize. By taking proper care of yourself, pursuing activities that help you look and feel your best, and seeking ways to grow and develop, you can experience what it’s like to live your best life.

Author: Ethel Lair
Image: Pexels

The Best Housewarming Gifts to Buy New Homeowners by Ethel Lair

If a friend or family member has just bought their first home, it’s likely to be an overwhelming experience for them. It’s a great idea to get them a gift for their new home, but it can be hard to know what to get. Presented by MODAville, this guide offers gift ideas that are useful, functional, and beautiful.

Giving their furniture new life

Many new homeowners will be reigning in their spending after buying a new home—meaning they’re not likely to go out and buy a brand new furniture piece if they can help it. If they’re attached to the style and comfort of the furniture they already have, consider offering to reupholster one of their furniture pieces.

The cost will vary for reupholstering—it typically depends on the type of furniture, size of the piece, and the fabric they choose. You can expect that fabric will cost around $40 per yard for basic options, while the designer fabric options will start at about $70. Keep in mind that a typical couch requires about 16 yards of fabric, while chairs need about seven yards.

Beverage refrigerator

One great gift option for a new homeowner is a beverage refrigerator that can fit under a countertop. While a normal refrigerator can be fine for soft drinks, it can be tough to get your wine or beer at just the right temperature. Beverage refrigerators are great for getting your drinks at just the right temperature and for freeing up space in your refrigerator for other items.

Before you buy, consider the capacity, exterior dimensions, and noise level. You’ll also want to check with the homeowner to make sure it will fit in their home before purchasing.

Kitchen gifts

It can be hard picking out kitchen gifts for homeowners: most people usually have everything they need for the kitchen before they move. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box and consider kitchen gifts that will be personalized and special to them.

If the person you’re buying a gift for is really into cooking, consider getting them an engraved cutting board. You could add a special message to it, or if they’re newlyweds, add their names and wedding date to the engraving.

Another great kitchen gift is an apron. You can get really creative with this, from picking out a fancy professional chef apron to finding one that can be personalized for your friend or family member. Your apron will likely be used for years to come, and the person you bought it for will remember you every time they put it on to cook.

Unique decor

Whether your friends are vintage collectors or just enjoy displaying unique items, a well-thought out piece can be the perfect addition to their new home. For example, a vintage Noritake China Goldwyn tea set can add some extra panache for when they’re entertaining. If you want something a little more unusual, an iridescent ammolite fossil makes a great centerpiece on a coffee or console table.


For homeowners with a green thumb, a new plant is a great gift. And if one or both of your friends work from home, ZenBusiness reminds that plants are highly conducive to productivity. Try to pick out a plant you know they don’t already have and be sure to place it in a decorative pot.

There are a few plants that are especially great for gifts: succulents such as jade or a Thanksgiving cactus are great options for someone who doesn’t want to worry about constant watering. If your friend or family member loves flowers, an orchid is a great option. Put some thought into it, and find a plant that you feel matches their personality and would make them happy to keep alive.

Coming up with the perfect gift idea for a new homeowner is tricky, but this gift guide should give you some options. If you want to help them spruce up their furniture, a reupholstering gift would be a great option. Or, if you want to go more simple, a kitchen gift or a plant would be great housewarming gifts.

Author: Ethel Lair

Image: Pexels

Styling your day is difficult now
adays. A lot of matching stuff is required for a single day. Among these bracelets are essential to feeling classy. Different styles of bracelets are now available inthe markets. The main issue is that how you would like to purchase. You cant make a wrong decision in jewelry, especially bracelets. The first reason for its popularity is that it can be enjoyed entirely than the necklace. You can admire your handsat every look. After all, the thing you see personally can be judged or liked relatively.

Throughout the ages stacking and layering of bracelet style was taken by any age of men and women. The word bracelets drive from the Greek word brachial, which means the arm. Different bracelets are shells, stones, slender tree limbs, and bronze. There is evidence that our ancestors used to wear bracelets. Bracelets became more intricate after the era of bronze because, after this,jewelry was symbolized the family’s happiness and wealth. Match your attire with your jewelry. It would be best to visit the link bracelet where you find many options to select according to their taste. The bracelets were made of gold and silver with beautiful crafts and designs. Today a vast variety one can find if they are conscious on a serious note. Here we discuss some styles that fit your apparel style.

Bangle style:

Bangle bracelet styles are inflexible and once adjusted style. Typically, of gold bangles or may be of other metals. Bangle bracelets with gemstone and diamond used as stone in gold make the bangle elegant and classy. They look great worn alone,or you may stack them with a bunch of other bangles of the same design. A sip-on bangle can be challenging to be fitted as hinged bangles. Hinged bangles fit the wrist more closely as it is oval.

The beaded style:

Beaded bracelets are expandable and arranged in single or multirow designs. They also adjust gemstones of a different you can easily match the color of your bracelet with your outfit. Most women choose such light color stones in bracelets tomatch half of their dresses.

Chain and link bracelets:

Such bracelets are pure gold or silverbased in which the link or chain is the connected loop. It seems so elegant to wear a single set of beautiful designs. Many of the dresses will look fantasticwith it. Their style varies from dainty chains to chunky styles.

Handmade jewelry, especially bracelets:

Handmade is now widespread and on-trend. Classy attires need some cool bands or bangles, and handmade floral or cross-chain designs are popular in this category. You can also add stones for a pretty combination. It is one of the unique styles in bracelets. Now jewelers specially make bracelets of your own choice, and you tell them your outfit design and color, and they exactly made the bracelet of identical design and color. It enhances the beauty of your dress. Its also the type of bold fashion where you can look exactly the way you want it for you.

The cuffs:

They are the type of bangle bracelets but are inflexible and adjustable. These tend to fit looser, and their chain varies in size. The gemstones of different odors are used in it. Men also found a great variety in the cuff bracelets. They are open from the back and front for easy adjusting feasibility. Try some of them and choose the size that fits you and enjoy the new style with your look and attires.

Arm bracelets:

They are also known as armlets. They are more likely a band used to wear on the upper side of the arm—usually made of cloth and metal with precious gems embedded in it beautifullycrafted. This style used from ancient times is incredibly stylish and trendy. That is also so appealing to wear with your apparel.

The vintage bracelet style:

The vintage bracelet has the charm that everyone wants it. It is safe to wear and handle, and today its demand is incredibly high. Both men and women want the vintage to have a safety clasp than a dangling chain.

To wrap it up!

Jewelry is always in demand in any era. Bracelets are one part that people would wear to achieve their satisfaction. Such dresses without jewelry or bangles etc., are weird to see. That little stuff enhances the beauty of the person‘s look and makes them feel more beautiful than ever.

Author: McKenzie Wilson

The winter has arrived
, and everyone wants to pick trendy clothes like long coats, neck sweaters, long shoes, etc. Everybody rash toward that look that is popular among the celebrities and wants to copy that look exactly. For this reasoncelebrity look is that much important. To choose the best for winter, you can walk with famous people in 2020. We all know the past year where no one has access outside much, but celebrities still have delivered low-key street style so one can own that particular outfit idea.

If you want to dabble in the clothes’ art, you have to look at that article. We are still in a situation where we have to avoid face-to-face interaction and shoulder-brushing, then we know the trend through social media, magazines, and other fashion shows. To be failed in fashion, you need to hold on to your senses and first look at the trendy and ondemand outfits of that year and then buy them at once. To help yourself, you may also look the Italian fashion online, where you have an excellent chance to learn the best about hot dresses sense.

A sweater dress:

The most famous fashion in winters is the formal sweater dress. Different shades and odors will be available; the length varies; some are above the thigh, and some are long total length. We immediately knew that this fashion sense deserved to be in our wardrobe by seeing many celebrities follow this trend. Short sweaters with jeans also grab the attention, and long sweaters always look fantastic and easy to carry. You dont have to mess up by wearing a coat shirt or long shoes instead. This longsweater idea looks super cozy, and the wrap design pairs with the footwear vary from sneakers to short heels.

Match with your outerwear:

It is more important to match your dress with all of your looks. It seems awkward to wear a different color of shirt, shoes, or coat. Match your inner and jeans with your coat or outerwear. Today shawls are famous in the market. In winters, long coats are used by most famous people. It would help if you took that coat, shawl, or sweater that suits your shirt and matches your shoes. Matching your outerwear with your shoes is the trend and fashion to look fantastic and unique. A single long coat must be chosen well so your other outfits of winter will manage with that single coat too for this primarily black, white, and blue color purchased.

Balance your look:

It is most important to maintain your look in winter. If you wear baggy jeans or high waist pants, you don’t have to wear long shirts, coats, etc. A short shirt that tucks inside the jeans is most favorable at this. Consider balancing your shape by mixing croptop and high waist jeans and pants. This look is definitely in trend as many celebrities worldwide follow this fashion for casual use too.

Add scarf and hats to look cool:

Its become a fashion to wear hats and caps in winters, and many celebrities follow it. Also, the scarf increases the elegance of your outfit. Rolling the scarf around your following with a log coat is so fantastic to look at, and many people follow this trend,especially in winters. Hats have now become a fashion, and people use them not for winter but fashion. Adding such spices to your winter outfit will make you super cool and unique. To take your look to the next level, hats and scarf styling will help you.

Jumpsuit trend:

In winters where people save themselves from the infection or cool breeze, they want to look cool to enjoy the winters properly. Jumpsuits with short sweaters always look fascinating worldwide. Wearing jumpsuits with short coats or leather jackets is so cool, and everyone wants to take and have this look in their wardrobe. Jackets increase the quality of your dress, and also jumpsuits maintain your shape as well. Now its up to you whether you like boots or cat shoes with them. But both looks are impressive, and one should follow this fashion sense.

To wrap it up!

Celebrities fashion trends of winters always help the ordinaryperson to choose the best loo for themselves. Their outfit and complete look will fascinate the viewers at once, and they select the best option by just seeing that super cool trends and fashion.

Author: McKenzie Wilson

Fashion has always been a part of
a teen’s life. Whether they like it or not, fashion is now becoming an integral part of their lives. And now that summer vacation is over, teens are getting ready for the new school semester and the need to buy back-to-school clothing. More than that, t-shirts are never obsolete when you talk about trendy clothes. That is why today, we will feature some new graphic designed tees which you can use as your inspiration in designing your shirts by using.

In this world of today, the need for self-expression is now more paramount. People want to show their uniqueness in different ways, and now you can attest that this is true as graphic designed tees are now in trend. You might notice this trend with most graphic t-shirts; it features unique character designs displaying unique personality traits, anime & Comic Graphic Tees, or simply abstract art combined with text written with simple font styles usually found on old documents such as contracts some early works of literature. The font styles are very old but are now getting the attention it deserves as part of the t-shirt design.

This article provides you with some excellent graphics on t-shirts that will make your kids feel special and show off their individuality. So if you have a teenage kid, I bet they would be thrilled to see what we have here.

1 . Turn up the Volume Tee

This trendy top has got an eyecatching design. The drawing is silkscreen printed onto the garment, giving it plenty of depth and detail. It illustrates a speaker, which looks like it has been ripped out of the wearer’s head. The Tee comes in many different colors, and because it’s made from cotton, it’s very comfortable to wear.

2 . Skull Bomber Tee

This relaxed top will appeal to all rock n roll fans. Its design was inspired by classic bomber jackets and featured a large skull print on its chest. It can be worn during classes or everyday streetwear because it goes well with just about anything you want! This stylish garment is available in 8 different colors and doesn’t cost much.

3 . Electric Guitar Tee

This Tee is a musthave for all music lovers and aspiring rock stars! It has an eye-catching and detailed design of an electric guitar, and the whole garment looks like it’s been spray painted. It comes in many different colors so that you can choose your favorite shade to express yourself! The Tee is made from 100% cotton, which makes it very soft and comfy to wear.

4 . iPhone Tee

This trendy top is silkscreen printed with a large drawing of an iPhone 5S smartphone. It has a straightforward and stylish design, which would look great with any jeans or skirt. You can purchase this cool Tee in 6 different colors, and it costs reasonably.

5 . Aztec Tee

Traditional Aztec patterns and drawings inspire this unique top. It has got a beautiful multicolor design, which I think looks just stunning! Because the print covers almost the whole garment, you can easily style it with anything you like, whether for school or streetwear. This great Tee comes in many different colors, and it’s made from 100% cotton so that you can enjoy its comfort day long!

6 . Guitar Tee

This cute top has got a very stylish design, which will appeal to all music lovers. It is silkscreen printed with a guitar print and created from 100% cotton to be worn for school or day-by-day streetwear. It is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose your favorite shade.

Wrapping Up!

So what do you think about these trendy graphicdesigned tees? I hope that they have inspired you and if you want to get yourself one of them.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and if I were in your place, I would be thrilled to get any of these trendy graphic-designed tees. They are indeed very stylish, comfortable, trendy, and fun! So don’t waste time anymore; get yourself one too! And do visit our site for more fashion tips.

Author: McKenzie Wilson

5 Creative Ring Box Ideas
Author: McKenzie Wilson

The engagement or wedding ring ought to be EXTRAORDINARY and memorable for your entire life. Picking a creative and unique ring box for your special day will make a statement and nostalgic remembrance for a long time to come! The engagement ring should be marked and exceptional, but it too deserves to have a unique casing. However, you can explore unique, customized, or handmade ring pieces at jewelry gifts selection.

Any adroit buyer knows that an item’s packaging can be as imperative as the item itself, especially when you ask a big question. So, just like your engagement ring, the box you choose is an opportunity to express your distinctiveness. These beautiful and creative ring boxes are the ideal thing to include in your conceit or nightstand long after the wedding celebrations are over. Also, you can utilize your wedding ring box after the special day to store any other scaled-down adornments or change into the stylistic layout.

To make your ring occasion special unforgettable, here are a roundup of five inspiring and creative ring box ideas: 


Make your engagement rings gloss and proposals indeed better with the custom engraved Wood Ring Box. You can have a unique engagement ring box made from something close to your memories. Think through utilizing the branch of a tree where you had the first date, and it is too valuable to you as a couple to mark a custom wooden box. 

This handy D.I.Y box can be crafted effortlessly, or you can have carved your wooden ring box via a carpenter. Engraved with “Will you marry me?” or how about forever? On the top of the box to make your proposal unique. Furthermore, you can have your couple’s names, and the proposal date added to the ring holder. On the other hand, your partner will be staggered when she sees the jewel engagement ring interior and cherish the story behind its customized box.



A geode ring box not only looks striking, but it is also known to bring simplicity, self-confidence, truth, and soothing. A geode ring box is a perfect idea when popping a big question because how could they say no with a rock like this?

Loads of us have split open a geode to discover the brilliant precious stones covered up inside. Stun your fiancé with something unexpected to catch in a rock: an engagement ring!

While choosing geode ring boxes, simple natural shape, and organic design is the perfect statement piece for your proposal event or gift ideas. However, consider the size and matching pair of each geode, So that your ring will fit inside the geode ring box when it’s closed. Moreover, the rocks inside a geode can be very hard, so be careful while putting the ring inside particularly, if it is made of a soft metal like gold.


A mystery ring box is a notable option for someone who loves solving brain teasers and puzzles. If you’re an exploratory, treasure-hunting couple, you will surely enjoy solving a mystery or puzzle ring box. One of the best things about this sort of ring box is that no two are exactly identical, making yours truly distinctive. The puzzle ring box involves a style of combination bolt that requires the correct arrangement of letters or numbers to adjust before being opened. Envision the fulfillment of completing a perplex combined with the excitement of finding what’s interior! 


A timeless mark starts with worthy materials and standard design. The antique keepsake ring box is a perfect vessel for your precious rings. Not every family has legacy engagement rings passed down from one era to another, but there may be an antique box with the same sentiments.

Look through your house, old villas or, farmhouses for unique little jewels to convert into a ring box. Consider thrifting a treasure to discover something genuinely one of a kind. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with picking an Antique Memento Ring Box.


A few engagement and wedding ring boxes are particularly designed to place the rings on display. Some sellers will even assist you in engraving the holder with the names or symbols of the bride and groom and the event date. This sort of customized box is ideal for a romantic proposal. Furthermore, it can also be carried by the ring bearer amid the engagement function and looks remarkable as a remembrance on the rack or showcase for a long time to come.

Author: McKenzie Wilson

Who doesn’t love to shop? Anyone? EVERY WOMAN wants to feel and look great. EVERY WOMAN wants to be stylish without dropping a ton of cash. Buying smart takes some shopping strategies and skills. Being a budget fashionista does not mean buying the cheapest stuff on the rack.

I remember windowshopping times admiring expensive designer items and wished I could afford them. As a college student, attending school six out of the seven days of the week and taking as many extra classes as possible, I know what living on a shoestring budget is. So, this is where my “budget fashionista” strategy comes in. A true budget fashionista focuses on the utility of the item rather than just the price. Spending $20 on something that you never wear is a total waste od $20. Before you buy anything, ask yourself how often will you wear it, can you wear it with something you alraedy have at home, can it work in multiple situations and will it still be fashionable next season?

Just a thought before I go. Or, maybe two thoughts. Before you do any shopping, take inventory of what’s already in your closet. You may find something that you bought long time ago and completely forgot about, and it would go perfect with this yellow dress you just bought.

And, remember that some items have a short closet lifespan. Here today, gone tomorrow. Therefore a true budget fashionista should follow a 70/30 rule. It is the 70% best FOREVER timeless classic pieces that will last for years and the 30% trendy pieces that may be cheap but may not be in style the next season, so do not invest too much into them.

Sounds like you? Super. Have fun next time you go bargain hunting or you shop online on Modaville and remember- bargain fashionista is all about being a smart shopper.