Author: Ethel Lair

If a friend or family member has just bought their first home, it’s likely to be an overwhelming experience for them. It’s a great idea to get them a gift for their new home, but it can be hard to know what to get. Presented by MODAville, this guide offers gift ideas that are useful, functional, and beautiful.

Giving their furniture new life

Many new homeowners will be reigning in their spending after buying a new home—meaning they’re not likely to go out and buy a brand new furniture piece if they can help it. If they’re attached to the style and comfort of the furniture they already have, consider offering to reupholster one of their furniture pieces.

The cost will vary for reupholstering—it typically depends on the type of furniture, size of the piece, and the fabric they choose. You can expect that fabric will cost around $40 per yard for basic options, while the designer fabric options will start at about $70. Keep in mind that a typical couch requires about 16 yards of fabric, while chairs need about seven yards.

Beverage refrigerator

One great gift option for a new homeowner is a beverage refrigerator that can fit under a countertop. While a normal refrigerator can be fine for soft drinks, it can be tough to get your wine or beer at just the right temperature. Beverage refrigerators are great for getting your drinks at just the right temperature and for freeing up space in your refrigerator for other items.

Before you buy, consider the capacity, exterior dimensions, and noise level. You’ll also want to check with the homeowner to make sure it will fit in their home before purchasing.

Kitchen gifts

It can be hard picking out kitchen gifts for homeowners: most people usually have everything they need for the kitchen before they move. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box and consider kitchen gifts that will be personalized and special to them.

If the person you’re buying a gift for is really into cooking, consider getting them an engraved cutting board. You could add a special message to it, or if they’re newlyweds, add their names and wedding date to the engraving.

Another great kitchen gift is an apron. You can get really creative with this, from picking out a fancy professional chef apron to finding one that can be personalized for your friend or family member. Your apron will likely be used for years to come, and the person you bought it for will remember you every time they put it on to cook.

Unique decor

Whether your friends are vintage collectors or just enjoy displaying unique items, a well-thought out piece can be the perfect addition to their new home. For example, a vintage Noritake China Goldwyn tea set can add some extra panache for when they’re entertaining. If you want something a little more unusual, an iridescent ammolite fossil makes a great centerpiece on a coffee or console table.


For homeowners with a green thumb, a new plant is a great gift. And if one or both of your friends work from home, ZenBusiness reminds that plants are highly conducive to productivity. Try to pick out a plant you know they don’t already have and be sure to place it in a decorative pot.

There are a few plants that are especially great for gifts: succulents such as jade or a Thanksgiving cactus are great options for someone who doesn’t want to worry about constant watering. If your friend or family member loves flowers, an orchid is a great option. Put some thought into it, and find a plant that you feel matches their personality and would make them happy to keep alive.

Coming up with the perfect gift idea for a new homeowner is tricky, but this gift guide should give you some options. If you want to help them spruce up their furniture, a reupholstering gift would be a great option. Or, if you want to go more simple, a kitchen gift or a plant would be great housewarming gifts.

Author: Ethel Lair

Image: Pexels