About Us

Modaville is a woman owned online fashion reseller. Founder and CEO, Anna Goral’s journey is atypical and uniquely rewarding. She is a first-generation Polish-American that spent a decade learning and adapting to the American language and customs. Anna’s determination and entrepreneur mindset led her to founding and owning a successful Real Estate firm. Further, Anna persevered and earned a degree in Computer Science. Her combination of skills and knowledge opened doors to the corporate world. But, never forgetting her hobby of bargain shopping, Anna capitalized on her advanced degree and interpersonal soft skills… to which Modaville was born.

Anna recognized the change in shopping habits and the demographics that were interested in secondhand shopping. Her thought process was “why pay full price for clothes that are often worn only a select few times, or once, when you can purchase pristine pre-loved items?” Once a shameful thought has since become mainstream. In fact, trendy! Now, to elevate the secondhand concept, Anna is offering through www.modaville.com quality fashion, at bargain prices, through e-commerce.

Modaville is unique, nothing like your average thrifting experience. It elevates resale e-commerce to include limited-edition collections, vintage designers, and collectible gems. In one sitting a shopper may find a vintage hand-rolled silk scarf from an Italian designer, a handmade straw hat from a boutique in the Philippines, a collectible Barbie doll that is owned by only a handful of people in the world, or a signed Waterford hand-cut crystal vase. Only to name a few of our luxurious treasures, Modaville is the perfect place to rediscover the charms of the past once again!

Modaville has become the place for all your shopping needs. A shopper can buy a dress to wear, a book to read, and a teacup to hold their favorite latte all in the same transaction. Practically overnight, Modaville has expanded and bootstrapped resale. The site offers fashion, accessories, and home goods for the whole family. Building off today’s trends, Modaville carries mid-range brands like J,Crew, Michael Kors, Free People, and many more.

There are many advantages to shopping secondhand. Saving money, but also scoring one-of-a-kind gems at bargain prices. Shopping secondhand is about rejecting throwaway fashion culture and  contributing to controlling the emissions decreasing our carbon footprint, and reducing water pollution.

Modaville is very user friendly. Have you ever been to a website that after couple of clicks you completely lost a sense of where you were? Not on Modaville! Our search capacities allow a user to filter and drill down by department or category. Each item includes a detailed description with pricing at 70-90% below original retail. Our experts identify the condition as new, like-new, or great condition. Every order ships within 24-48 hours of purchase at an everyday free shipping rate.  Modaville showcases all products that have been on the site, categorizing them as “available” and “sold”. For those that had their eye on a sold item, don’t worry… we have features to enable restock notifications to the shopper through a “notify me when it is back” button.

A unique feature of Modaville is our blog. We encourage our shoppers to contribute to the fashion blog and publish articles, photos, or videos of their purchases, fashion thoughts, and questions. Each “influencer” chooses how much they would like to contribute, and we allow for “backlinks” to their personal sites/blogs.

Modaville is not strictly its own inventory, but the platform invites others to sell their preloved closet and household items. The best feature that differentiates Modaville from competitors is that it does not take a commission on individuals’ sales. The user-friendly site allows the seller to register their account and dive right into selling their goods. However, for those users that have a unique item or require assistance to sell an item, we are on stand by for assistance to get our users the best price and most views.

Anna’s unwavering passion led her to create a successful woman-owned resale platform. She is beyond proud of the progress the company has had and grateful for the many relationships she has already developed with her clients.  “It is very rewarding to know that the customers feel ‘right at home’ for their fashion needs.” Anna hopes her success story will inspire other women to pursue their dreams, no matter how unattainable they may seem in the moment.
Welcome to the world of Modaville. LET’S SHOP!

With Love, Anna